blonde woman in black shirt sewing pink garment at sewing machine

Welcome to our world of sustainable sleepwear and loungewear, where comfort, style, and conscious living come together! I am a solo woman-owned business based in the scenic landscapes of Missoula, Montana.

My fashion journey began in childhood on my grandmother's machine, evolving into designing my own garments and crafting clothes for friends and family by my teens. As I ventured into upcycling and selling my creations, I faced challenges: the time-intensive hunt for used fabrics, the disproportionate time spent crafting each piece versus its selling price, and the difficulty in providing a diverse size range. Plus, my interests had steered me elsewhere into the world of screen printing.

These challenges and new interests steered me towards a deep dive into eco-friendly fabric sourcing, culminating in the creation of a sustainable sleepwear and loungewear line that marries my design passion with a dedication to environmental stewardship. While I still trickle in my upcycled pieces, I try to blend both worlds as best I can.

Join me on my journey towards a greener, more conscious world. Explore my collection of loungewear, carefully designed and crafted with love and care where each piece is hand-printed, hand-sewn, and designed from scratch in-house. From silky soft sleep sets to (coming soon) lounge sets, each piece is a testament to our dedication to a better fashion industry.

Welcome to our sustainable loungewear haven. We're thrilled to have you here.